About Valerie Boyes

I was raised in Champaign, IL, a midwestern college town surrounded by cornfields. I studied at University of Illinois for two years as a painting major,  then transplanted myself to California, changed my focus and graduated from Cal State Fullerton with a BFA in graphic design. I spent the next two decades raising children and doing a lot of freelance design, mostly in the apparel industry. I love being an artist and a mom to five, mostly grown, ridiculously creative children. I love to cook, eat spicy food and read historical fiction. I realized as my kids grew older that my heart sings and my soul feels peace when I paint, so now I try to spend my time with oils, acrylics and stacks of canvas. I love to incorporate my fine art into my graphic design as well.  I pretty much imagine a painting in my head of everything around me. One day, I’m hoping to travel the world with my husband and paint all the colors that I can find. Having spent most of my life in San Clemente, I've been deeply influenced by the beautiful ocean and skies of southern California, however I've recently moved to Provo, UT and am curious to see what adventures lie ahead and how my paintings are influenced by my new surroundings.  Hope you enjoy my work.

Inquiries: email me at vboyes@gmail.com

Instagram: @vboyespaints and @vboyescreativelife

Check out my t-shirt company: moitoistudio.com and @moitoistudio

Commissions are welcome!